There are two major tour companies that run large boats holding up to 150 passengers and have 3 different routes. There are also smaller boats that hold up to 20 passengers with a route that may slightly vary due to weather or group preferences. When deciding which tour is best for you, there is one thing to take into consideration, do you or anyone in your group get sea sick? Our recommendation is, if there is a possibility of getting sick out at sea, to take the Fox Island Tour that stays inside Resurrection Bay.

Small Boat Tour
These tours are the most highly recommended by our clients as the highlight of their Alaska vacation! You will experience intimacy with both nature and your guide by choosing to discover the Kenai Fjords on a smaller boat. These tours leave at 7 AM and return anytime between 4-5 PM. You bring breakfast, and lunch will be served on board. This tour costs $239/ adult.
Kenai Fjords & Fox Island
This tour travels to Aialik Bay in the Kenai Fjords National Park where you will see tidewater glaciers and find an abundance of wildlife on the ride there and back! On your return to Seward you will stop at Fox Island where you will enjoy an all-you-can-eat prime rib and salmon buffet as well as a National Park Ranger presentation. This tour departs Seward at 10 AM, it’s 8.5 hours long and costs $172/ adult.
Northwestern Fjord Tour
This tour will bring you deep into the Kenai Fjords and Alaskan Maritime Wildlife Refuge where you will visit three tidewater glaciers and numerous alpine glaciers. We only recommend this tour for those who know they are sea worthy! You will be served a continental breakfast as well as a lunch on board. This tour leaves at 9 AM, returning at 6 PM and costs $189/ adult.
Fox Island Tour
This tour stays in Resurrection Bay and stops on Fox Island where you will enjoy an all-you-can-eat prime rib and salmon buffet. The island is beautiful! Look carefully at the rocks on the beach and you will find they are mostly heart shaped. View wildlife and a distant glacier while on this cruise. We recommend the noon departure that has a National Park Ranger presentation on the island. It is 4.5 hours and costs $99/ adult.