Embark on the fishing trip of a lifetime, where famed Alaskan salmon are just waiting to be plucked from the waters, and where the halibut practically grab your hook just to test your strength and patience. Come to Alaska and make your angler dreams come true. Seward is a hub for all types of fishing. Halibut, salmon and rockfish can all be caught between Seward and Montague Island or you can drive to Cooper Landing in 45 minutes and enjoy a float on the Kenai, or fly fish Alaska’s famous Russian River! We hand pick our trips and will only send you out with reputable, experienced guides. Our trusted guides take you through breath-taking scenery, so that you can become part of legendary Alaskan fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing in Seward: Charters leave around 6 AM and return around 4-5 PM, depending on the fishing and weather. These are full day trips that vary in costs from $285-350/adult, depending on the charter and the month. Full day charters target the following species, depending on the time of year and abundance: Halibut, Silver Salmon, King Salmon, Lingcod.

Combo Fishing in Seward: These charters leave at 6 AM as well and return around 5-6 PM. While salmon and halibut are the primary species targeted on these trips, expect to reel in many species of rockfish, lingcod, and even an occasional salmon shark. These trips cost $350-$385, depending on the charter and the month.